Inquiries and Comments
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Where are you located?

13421 Puppy Creek Road Suite 6
Springdale, Arkansas 72762
Please feel free to come by and meet our friendly staff.

What do you sell?

We sell a variety of tile, laminates, and supplies. Such as grouts, caulks, brushes, floats, saws, and many other items.

Do you do custom work?


How much does it cost?

Depending on the type of materials and amount of time for the job the average cost is $___ (per foot?)?

How long does tile last?

Tile can last a very long time if it is cared for properly. Most indoor installations last #-# of years and outdoor installations last #-# of years.

Can I install tile on my own?

You most certainly can. We have all the neccessary supplies for the do-it yourselfer, including a broad selection of tutorial videos.

Do you have equipment to rent?

We do rent out some of the harder to find tools such as undercut saws, wet saws, and tile breakers.

Do you repair tile?

Yes we do.

What else do you do besides tile?

We also install laminates, floorings, marble countertops, and solid surface countertops.